sustainable development goal 2

Sustainable World with Zero Hunger

“The world’s hunger is getting ridiculous. There’s more fruit in a rich man’s shampoo than a poor man’s plate.” The Second goal of sustainable development is to put an end to hunger, achieve food security and enhanced nutrition and advocate sustainable agriculture. But, what is hunger? It is a feeling of discomfort or weakness that […]

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Sustainability highlights of 2021

In this article, we have highlighted 2021 sustainably. 1. The link between coronavirus and climate change The spread of coronavirus in 2020 left the world speechless, helpless, and devastating. We cannot forget the loss and pain we have all suffered whether it’s emotional or financial.  However, there is only one thing that is positive amid

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 Global Warming – How to stop?

“Change can only take place when each one of us takes action” –  Aliya Haq, Deputy Director of NRDC’s Clean Power Plan. Countries all across the world are leveling up their game to fight against global warming. But, real change can only happen when every citizen of every country understands their responsibility towards climate change.

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environmental‌ ‌awareness‌ ‌for‌ ‌running your business

Have you ever wondered, why is environmental awareness important for running a business? When you are running a business, sustainability gains momentum. Why? Because climate change is real and is affecting not only just humans but every single species on this planet. Hence, it becomes vital for business owners to keep their business sustainable. Further,

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