environmental‌ ‌awareness‌ ‌for‌ ‌running your business

Have you ever wondered, why is environmental awareness important for running a business?

When you are running a business, sustainability gains momentum.


Because climate change is real and is affecting not only just humans but every single species on this planet.

Hence, it becomes vital for business owners to keep their business sustainable.

Further, Environmental sustainability has pointed out that the current rate of extinction of both plants and animals is a hundred times faster than in the past.

Besides, NASA has also stated that the cause of the planet getting warmer is almost 95% due to human activities.

Therefore, business owners should be aware of the importance of the protection and preservation of the planet’s resources, if they want to continue their business in the long run.

To make a business sustainable, the business owners must know the issue beforehand and completely understand the changes to be made in the business as well as the society. 

Here, you will learn the importance of a sustainable business, the steps to make your business sustainable, and what benefits it can provide you with.

Sustainability for business

Did you know that about 140 million people can be displaced from their homes by 2050 if the current business continues to do so?

In this time and age, sustainability is one of the most important factors for your business.

Business sustainability is a way to operate a business without having any kind of negative effects on the environment.

Green business is a term used to define businesses that take into consideration both their local and global communities. Hence, supporting its community and economy.

Moreover, these kinds of businesses don’t only look at their profits. But, it also acknowledges its effect on its society and environment.

Henceforth, helping you build a healthy structure for your business.

In 1994, John Elkington, the founder of a British consultancy known as SustainAbility, coined the term “triple bottom line”. This term includes three factors that are profit, people, and the planet. 

In addition, a sustainable business takes responsibility for its surroundings and protects the planet’s resources. 

Why is it important for your business?

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a real-life instance of why a business should be sustainable.

It is an island located in the North Pacific Ocean and is approximately 1.6 million kilometers long. It’s an assemblage of plastics from all over the world. These places are very toxic to marine life. 

Moreover, the microplastics present in the seafood enter into the human body eventually deteriorate our health.

Furthermore, it has been mentioned in the scientific journal of Environmental Sustainability that it is twice the size of Texas or thrice the size of France.

Therefore, if the current businesses continue to act like they do say then the greater portion of our species will be extinct by the 21st century.

Besides, Environmental Sustainability has also mentioned that by 2050 we will be producing 27 billion tons of solid products and there will be an increase in temperature of two degrees Celsius due to CO2 emissions.

Adding further, the Paris Climate Record notes that businesses can bring a major change to the environment by cutting down their emissions by 60% by 2030.

Here are a few statistics that will give you a more clear view as to why you should turn your business into a sustainable business.

  • 73% of Americans do not purchase from a company that does not consider climate change.
  • 76% of Americans look forward to companies that value climate change.
  • 87% of Americans prefer to purchase from companies that raise an issue they care about.

Finally, according to a study, there are at least 100 companies responsible for 71% of today’s global emissions.

Thus it’s about time the businesses should be held responsible and they should provide a solution like minimizing the production of plastics and wastes.

Steps to make your business more sustainable

Many current times successful entrepreneurs, business owners, administrators, and leaders have exercised innovative, specific, contemporary, and unique strategies for their businesses. They have challenged their problems and turned them into opportunities. 

Now it’s your turn!

Here are a few suggestions that might help you get a kick start.

Recycling at work

  •      Provide labeled recycle bins at the workplace.
  •      It provides 757,000 jobs annually.
  •      Take advantage of city composting programs.

Advertise green community

  •      It has a huge impact on the environment.
  •      Biking, carpooling are various forms of green commuting.
  •      Encourage employees to use electric bikes or scooters if they live far from work.

Allow remote work options

  •      Another form of green commuting.
  •      If possible, provide your employees with this option.
  •      It Helps eliminate 3.6 billion tons of greenhouse gases.
  •      Avoid health risks.

Promote digital

  •      Use computers, smartphones as much as possible.
  •      Avoid using paper as much as possible.

Promote sustainable committee

  •      Elect a team that’s accountable for sustainability in the workplace.
  •      Provide them with the authority of making decisions.


A sustainable business is not only beneficial for society but for the business itself. 

It provides your business with a lot of benefits like it decreases business costs, reforms your business reputation, provides competitive advantages, and boosts your bottom line.

Moreover, you can earn more money and get new customers.

Every individual can take part in making a business sustainable but the people who can bring a major impact are business owners, organizational leaders, business administrators, managers, supervisors, Human Resource professionals, and even the employees can take part in it. 

Along with making more money and getting more customers, going green also helps you to improve your brand identity and it shows the world that you care more than just money.

It should be noted that due to collective actions taken by the government and business administrators, the businesses that take action against climate change by implementing unique strategies, using new technologies, and adapting green policies have had a total of $26 trillion rise in economic benefits.

Adding further, according to a study done by Cone Communications, about 63% of Americans prefer a corporation that brings about social and environmental changes even in the absence of government.

Therefore, it’s immensely important that every business owner and organizational leaders work sustainably.

We hope, by now, you are clear as to what a sustainable business is and how to turn your business into one.

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